China Outbound Tourism Trends | How to Attract Chinese Travelers


China’s outbound tourism growth has exploded over the last decade or so, overtaking developed economies like US and Germany. What’s surprising is that only 7 per cent of Chinese citizens hold a passport!

In 2017, China accounted for almost 12% of all overseas trips worldwide. It is predicted that by 2030, it will account for over a quarter of that.

The country’s expanding middle class is now one of the most lucrative segments for tourism boards and travel providers across the world, who are customizing their messaging and offerings to attract Chinese travelers.

So what do travel providers need to know about this booming market? What are the major characteristics of Chinese tourists? Which countries do like traveling to? What do they like doing there? How do they pay? And most importantly, what should you be doing to attract them?

To answer all these important questions, our content marketing team put together this detailed Infographic that will serve as a handy guide to travel businesses across the globe. So whether you are a Tourism Board, a private DMC, a Hotel, Travel Agency or a ground services provider, you can use this infographic to fine tune your marketing strategies to capture a share of this booming market.

Infographic - China Outbound Tourism Market Trends

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