10 Most Popular Posts on the TravelCarma Blog in 2017

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As another eventful year draws to a close, we thank all the readers of our blog for their continued support and appreciation of our efforts. 2017 has been a very successful year for us – We saw our subscribers grow by over 400%, our posts were shared by thousands across social media and email, and many of articles were syndicated by global media agencies.

On the business front, we were able to win some more very large accounts, each with a very unique set of requirements, keeping our development team on its toes! We also introduced some awesome new products and features that we think will make doing business easier for travel firms, including an all new-quotation and itinerary builder, a unique Uber-like bus booking system, a completely revamped and 100% mobile responsive back-office system, native apps for Android and iOS and much more. We plan to introduce many more useful products next year so stay tuned!

Coming back to the blog, we covered a wide range of topics related to travel and technology to educate and empower our readers, with a focus on emerging industry trends. In 2016, we had briefly touched upon key trends that we thought would shape the industry in 2017, such as AI, VR, Personalization, APIs, Mobile, Blockchain etc.

So this year we dived right into these trends and put together all the insights that will help travel firms understand how these trends will affect them and how they can capitalize on them. A lot of research and analysis went behind all this content, combined with our own first hand experience of working with the top players in the industry and valuable feedback from our clients.

All that hardwork was well received by our readers and we’re glad that we were able to play a role in solving the challenges faced by our audience and help them make more informed decisions.

In case you missed any of these articles, here’s our annual roundup of the 10 most popular articles on our blog in 2017:

10) How Mobile is Reshaping the Travel & Tourism Industry

9) How Blockchain can Help Travel Brands create Smoother and more Secure Digital Experiences for Travelers

8) Everything Travel Agents Need To Know About Third-Party Supplier API Integration

7) How Virtual Reality is Transforming the Travel Industry

6) [Infographic] How Mobile is Impacting the Travel Industry: A Comprehensive Guide

5) Proven Tips to help Travel Agencies master Instagram marketing

4) Guide to Facebook Marketing for Travel Agencies

3) Adventure Travel: Emerging Trends and Tips for Travel Agents and Tour Operators

2) OTAs vs Bricks-and-Mortar Travel Agents: Where does the future lie?

1) How Travel Agents & Tour Operators can Boost Sales during the Off-Season

We wish all our readers a wonderful 2018 and promise to bring you even more insightful and wholesome content to help you and your business do better.  If you haven’t already subscribed to our blog, please do so to be the first to know of any new content we publish. Thank you!

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