Agent Management System is now an extremely valuable tool with rising demand for online agent management in the Travel and Hospitality Industry. Travel agents and now even hoteliers do not need to locally manage all their contracted rates for their online inventory if they use the channel management solution. The modules available in the Travel agency system can be used to easily manage the details of online master agent, his down-line agents and the chain of sub-agents, even with the participation of the employees in a synchronized manner.

An Online Agent Management System handles margins, markups, pass-on commissions, exception criteria in percentages for each down-line and chain of sub-agents. Each online travel agent can be allocated rights to weigh in their internet contracted rates and discounts directly from channel management system. It also smoothens the development of internet user management for diverse users with their roles in the system, eg. agents, sub-agents, employees, corporate users and branch operators.

The main agent can add/modify or change the online managed distributors and set Markup, Margin & Commissions for the down line sub-agents by setting up business rules and set exception criteria for different travel businesses to fetch required results. The finest part of the solution is that it offers co-branding solutions for each user & roles with affluent and their individual choice of user interface.

The main agent can give classified access to down-line agents and achieve data security & privacy by allowing access of specified skin to selected users based on the right levels. Users can generate reports for agent-wise, branch-wise, supplier-wise and hotelier commission summary. The agents can also get sales summary of date-wise, week-wise, month-wise and year-wise comparison reports.  Transaction reports consists of booking details, cancellation details, auto cancellation and promotional booking details along with the list of change request & failed transactions to be kept in records.

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