The A-Z of Online Travel (Part 1) | Online Travel Glossary


The Travel and Tourism industry is getting increasingly digital, transforming various aspects of travel, including distribution, marketing, operations, administration and planning.

This transformation is compelling traditional travel businesses to make the shift from offline to online and adapt to the rapidly changing environment.

Whether you’re a travel startup looking to disrupt the industry, or an established bricks-and-mortar travel agency looking to build a strong online presence, the first step in succeeding as an online travel business is understanding the key terms used in the travel tech industry.

So we put together a glossary of the essential terms and acronyms you’ll come across (A lot!) in your digital travel journey. We’ve kept the definitions as concise and easy to understand as possible for quick understanding.

Since the list is long, we’ve divided it into two parts: A-M & N-Z.

This is Part 1. If you find this guide useful, please do share it with your peers.

If you feel we’ve missed out on something, please mention it in the comments box below.

Online Travel Glossary

Click here for Part 2


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