How Travel Companies can manage their B2B Sub-Agents more effectively with a Travel ERP

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Travel ERP B2B Sub Agent Management

Managing B2B Sales Channels is an essential but challenging aspect for Suppliers, Tour Operators and Large Agencies. They work with a large number of sub-agents/resellers spread across diverse geographies and tracking their performance and maximizing B2B revenue poses several challenges.

These challenges can be tackled with the use of a sophisticated Travel ERP with strong channel management capabilities.

The B2B module available in a Travel ERP solution can be used to easily manage your down-line agents and the chain of sub-agents. Even the participation of the employees can be managed efficiently with such a solution.

Let’s look at the various ways in which a good Travel ERP can help large agencies and suppliers manage their sales channels more effectively:

Pricing and Revenue Management

B2B Travel Agent Markup Management

A good Travel ERP Solution is capable of handling margins, markups, pass-on commissions, exception criteria in percentages for each down-line and chain of sub-agents. Each online travel agent can be allocated rights to their online contracted rates and discounts directly from the B2B module.

The master agent can add/modify or change the managed distributors and set Markups, Margins & Commissions for down line sub agents by setting up business rules and exception criteria for different businesses to optimally manage their revenue.

The system allows master agents to classify their sub-agents into various categories and assign a particular markup to each class. This saves the master agency a lot of time as they won’t have to individually set markups for each agent. This is particularly useful for agencies/suppliers with a large number of b2b agents.

Agent Credit Management

B2B Travel Agency Credit Management

Sub-agents usually maintain a balance with their host agency which they use to make bookings for their end customers. When the balance runs out they need to replenish it to continue making reservations. The Channel management module supports this workflow and provides master agencies and their sub-agents to work on credit balance-basis.

It also provides users the ability to recharge their balance. The recharge can be done by the sub-agents themselves or even the master agency on behalf of its sub-agents.

The system also supports alerts and reminders – The master agency can configure a minimum balance level for each agent and if the agent balance falls below that level an email can be automatically sent out to the agent reminding them to recharge the balance.

User Role Management and Privacy Controls

B2B Travel Agent Security Role Management

The B2B module also supports role-based access and provides full privacy control for various user roles. It streamlines the management of diverse users with their roles in the system like agents, sub-agents, employees, corporate users and branch operators.

The master agent can give classified access to down-line agents and achieve data security & privacy by allowing access to a specified interface with a limited set of features to selected users based on the right levels.

Private Labeling and Co-branding

B2B Travel Agency Private Label Website

The finest part of the solution is that it offers co-branding for each user with personalized user interface. The master agency can provide private label B2C portals to their sub-agents in addition to a B2B login. These portals are mobile-friendly so the end customers of the sub-agents can book directly from the sub-agent’s B2C portal from anywhere and anytime. This helps sub-agents enhance customer satisfaction while providing master agencies/suppliers an additional distribution channel to increase their sales.

While most technology vendors provide a white label in the name of a B2B2C, TravelCarma offers a fully-fledged co-branded portal with booking management, customer management and back office module where the sub-agents can set their own markups and business rules.

The portal inventory comes from the master agency but the agents can manage their own rates, which is not possible in case of a white label. They can also integrate their own payment gateway for accepting direct bookings from their clients.

Sub-agents/affiliates can also send quotes and issue vouchers to their end customers with their own branding. All the email templates are fully customizable providing your B2B agents a lot of room to personalize the communications they send to their customers.

Reporting and Analysis

B2B Travel Agent Sales Reports

Another area where the channel management module delivers immense value to large agencies and suppliers is reporting and tracking. Users can generate agent-wise reports, branch-wise reports, supplier-wise reports and hotelier commissions report.

The agents can also get sales summary by date, week, month and year. Transaction reports consist of booking details, cancellation details, auto cancellation and promotional booking details along with the list of change request & failed transactions to be kept in records. All the reports can be exported to Excel or saved as a PDF.

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