Online Travel Booking Software: Building it In-house vs Buying it off-the-shelf


Okay, so you’re convinced that it’s high time your travel company invested in an online travel booking platform. And why not? Almost 50% of travel is booked online, and that number is only going to increase going forward. If you don’t do it now, there’s a good chance you’ll be left behind.

Now, a major conundrum many companies out there in your position face is: Should they buy a ready, off-the-shelf solution from the market, or build a solution in-house from scratch.

Both options have their pros and cons, and the decision to choose one over another depends on a number of factors, including IT budget, size/availability of IT resources, feature requirements, geographic location, data security, go-to-market timelines etc.

Our team put together an infographic comparing the advantages and disadvantages of both options to make the decision making process a little easier.

If you found this post helpful, you may also want to download our Free ebook titled “SaaS vs On-Premise: How to Choose the right delivery model for your Online Travel Solution“. In the ebook we’ve explained the key considerations you should keep in mind when deciding between hosting a third-party solution on your own server vs going for a SaaS-based solution.

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  1. DUNCAN KIAMA says:

    i need to deal with online booking-tell me the best software i can use

  2. Mahmoud says:

    do you have any demo version ?

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