[Infographic] How Mobile is Impacting the Travel Industry: A Comprehensive Guide


In one of our earlier posts, we threw some light on the key mobile trends that are shaping the world of travel and how mobile technologies are fundamentally changing traveler behavior.

The growth of Smartphones and the App economy has been the biggest disruptive change in travel since the internet.

Needless to say, Mobile has had a strong impact on both leisure and business travel. Whether it’s searching for the best deals, tracking flight info, researching destinations, looking up restaurants nearby, or navigating around the destination, or sharing vacation photos and videos, more and more travelers (particularly the millennials) are choosing to use smartphones and tablets over desktops for their travel needs.

One thing is clear: Mobile is going to be the dominant force in online travel in the future, and whether travel brands like it or not, they MUST invest heavily in mobile technologies to stay relevant.

So what do travel firms need to know about the mobile revolution? We decided to create an infographic containing information on the key mobile statistics, trends and tips to help you get your travel enterprise mobile-ready! Do share it with your friends and colleagues so that they can also benefit from it.

How mobile is impacting the travel industry


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