How a Travel iPaaS helps Travel Companies solve their Data Integration Challenges

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As travel businesses grow bigger, they invest in multiple software solutions for various business functions. These include CRM software, Accounting, ERP, Email Marketing, HRMS, Expense Management etc. They may even use multiple systems for each function. These systems could be cloud-based or built in-house.

Connecting all these disparate systems and having them talk to each other poses a real challenge for businesses, particularly large enterprises. They need to have all their systems managed without hampering their high traffic volume.

Enter Travel iPaaS – an integration platform based on cloud infrastructure to help integrate various software services related to a single business together without manually provisioning hardware. The inclusion of several disparate systems on a single platform to speed up the transactional process and provide seamless connectivity is the prime advantage of an iPaaS.

While iPaaS is not a completely new technology, its adoption in the Travel industry has been extremely limited so far. Even large companies who use a myriad systems still rely on point-to-point integrations, which is quite inefficient.

TravelCarma is uniquely positioned in the enterprise travel tech space, offering a purpose-built Travel iPaaS that allows secure integrations on the cloud connecting all kinds of applications seamlessly, with real-time data transfer.

A Travel iPaaS offers access to data among applications that’s often lost in manually computing the data through the different applications. Rather than building hundreds of point to point integrations manually, the platform automates data exchange and workflows among applications and guarantees secure integration and transfer of data. The digital panorama is rising boundlessly and the new integration system offers the speed which is required to stay ahead and informed.

Point to point integration vs ipaas
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Travel iPaaS is built on the Microservices architecture which runs as a suite of small services to integrate them together better. This way the updating of different components, product development and turn around can be much quicker keeping the speed and efficiency of the software high.

The time that was consumed typically with integrations done manually can be reduced to a jiffy with the Travel iPaaS. This integration system is available with customizable models and integrations to fit the user demand best.

iPaaS improves the connectivity of systems like CRM, Accounting or reservations to a more automated process with the back end system now having minimal dependency on human intervention.

This reduces the time spent, budgets allocated and efficiency for online systems. From reservations to accounting, customer management to loyalty programs – everything comes together under the roof of this integration platform.

It helps build secure work flows without the errors usually encountered in manual processes. The guarantee of no data loss is one of the biggest advantages of iPaaS. It automates all your processes and unlocks data that is otherwise hidden in siloes.

The attempt of such a solution requires a mature software architecture. TravelCarma’s iPaaS is built on a powerful micro services based architecture developed over 20 years ago. It formed the backbone of the Maqam GDS for Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia connecting some of the largest OTAs and suppliers in the world through APIs. The beauty of the platform is that it can handle a very large traffic volume without requiring a lot of hardware. AWS hosting makes it even more cost-efficient.

TravelCarma Travel iPaaS - Integration platform

Travel organizations undergo frequent changes and the management is always looking to achieve value efficiency. The key to achieving it is by ready access to critical information stored across the organisation’s multiple IT systems. This mission critical data that determines the company’s existence needs to be retrieved and analysed quickly enough to make prompt business decisions.

The cross-platform connectivity offered by a Travel iPaaS, hence increases agility and team coordination because the tedious computing work is now being artificially handled and relevant data is available those who need it quickly.

In the hybrid nature of the solutions available on the market today, there is a mix of on-premise/legacy and cloud integrations. The multi-layered services can be harnessed from on-premise to the cloud and vice-versa without the fear of data loss.

The modern mechanism is helping travel companies to join their traditional systems to the cloud fearlessly and maintain their systems faultlessly. This form of integration joins from on-premise to cloud to ground and also cloud to cloud which is why it is introduced ‘as a service’.

The disparate network technologies can be brought and bound together in functionality with iPaaS. It provides custom interfaces, custom workflows, triggers, transformation, mediation, etc. accompanied by the common cloud solutions as well.

The task of compiling coherent services for the users is the primal aim of iPaaS. This undertakes the function of interoperability. It does not only create a new storage for your data but also functions with the traditional legacy systems to prevent data loss.

The health of your traffic is majorly dependent on the individual and the coexisting functions of all the operations required in the travel booking system. It takes a hefty cost to maintain functions of all the processes along with the guarantee of them working properly and satisfactorily.

This integration platform reduces your investment to give better and faster results. The lag in pulling and pushing data between your booking platform and other systems would be significantly cut down as the work flow would be sped up and the information would always be real-time and accurate, reducing the possibility of errors and delays on the end of the service provider – be it the suppliers or OTAs.

All the information to be passed from the moment of booking to the point where the availability of rooms, or airline seats, or cars is concerned will be looked after by the system which will help the frontline staff provide better services to the customers. It is basically speeding up the metabolism of the travel booking industry.

If you’re looking for an integration solution to connect all your applications for a unified view of your business, get in touch with us today.

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