10 Most Popular Posts on the TravelCarma Blog in 2019


It’s December, which means it’s time for our annual round-up of the most popular posts on our blog! We hope you all had a wonderful 2019…we certainly did!

Like the years gone by, our focus was on delivering great value to our audience and customers alike. This year, our blog covered a wide range of trending themes including customer engagement, personalization, machine learning, as well as the growing popularity of ancillaries in tourism and how the industry can leverage them.

For all of you who didn’t get the chance to read our content earlier, here’s a quick recap of the top 10 posts we published in 2019, ranked by page views:

10) Facebook vs Google – Where should Travel Marketers spend their Advertising Dollars?

Facebook vs Google: Best advertising platform for travel marketing

9) A look at the Travel Distribution Chain and the Importance of Independent Agents

Travel Distribution Chain

8) How Travel Firms can build a Customized Online Booking System with Minimal Effort

TravelCarma Development API - Build your own custom online travel solution with minimal effort

7) 5 Lessons Online Travel Brands can learn from Amazon

Lessons Online Travel Brands can learn from Amazon

6) How Travel Firms can leverage Ancillaries to Boost Revenue & Customer Loyalty

How Travel Firms can Leverage Ancillaries to Boost Revenue

5) How AI & Machine Learning are Enhancing Customer Experience in Travel

How AI is enhancing customer experience in travel

4) 5 Biggest Mistakes Travel Agencies make when Selecting a Travel ERP

Biggest mistakes travel agencies make when buying a Travel ERP

3) 6 Reasons Why Niche Marketing is going to be the Key to Success for Travel Agencies in the Future

Why travel agencies should target niche markets

2) Understanding the Travel Buyer Journey and How Travel Brands can Engage Customers at Each Stage

Travel Buyer journey

1) 4 Essential Technologies Travel Agencies Should Invest in 2019

Essential Technologies Travel agencies should invest in 2019

TravelCarma Travel Technology Solutions

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