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TravelCarma allows Destination Management Companies or DMCs to market their travel services online, enabling them to reach a much wider audience than they otherwise would. They can upload all their contracted inventories, such as accommodation, activities, transfers and car hire into our Inventory Management System or CRS and distribute them through their sub-agents/affiliates via our B2B portals.

They can also showcase their services through our attractive B2C websites. They can either use our standard ready-made template or a customized portal to give their customers a virtual look and feel of a particular destination they are looking to promote.

TravelCarma allows DMCs to distribute their directly contracted inventory through their agent network using our B2B System. Our B2B System includes Online Inventory Management, Agent and Channel Management, B2B Booking Engine, Real Time Accounting Reports and many more useful tools to manage their operations more efficiently.

DMCs can enter their contracted inventory of hotels, activities, car rentals etc in the system along with the net rates and define agent-wise commissions, add margins and define other business rules and policies. They can create multiple users and assign security roles to them and manage them in the system. This allows DMCs to control access to their data. Thanks to this role-based access, if there is any sensitive data they do not want a particular user to see, they can keep it hidden from that user.

Our system also gives DMCs the flexibility to set agent wise, region-wise, component-wise, supplier and season wise mark-ups and margins. It also gives them full online control over the agents’ commissions as well as any promotions and discounts.

The B2B/B2B2C portals also allows DMCs to categorize agents into classes and apply promotional/special rates on the different classes. Through our in-depth reporting module, they can get sales data for each of their agents, telling them who their bestselling agents and they can accordingly reward them and offer them better commissions.

Using TravelCarma, DMCs can create great-looking travel itineraries with attractive descriptions and images. The system also gives DMCs the facility of packaging their services. They can easily build bookable fixed packages in the CRS and publish them on the B2C and B2B portals.

Keeping in mind the current social media trend, TravelCarma also offers a Facebook Booking Engine that enables DMCs to promote their services on Facebook. The Portal runs inside Facebook and allows Facebook users, even if they are not registered with the DMC to search and book tours. Once they book on the Facebook Portal their details get automatically saved in the DMC’s customer database, thus increasing its customer base. The users can even like and share deals they see on the Facebook Portal with their friends on Facebook, enhancing your brand’s visibility.

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